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Queen’s Protocol Hybrid Bags

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Queen’s Protocol bags are embedded with NFC technology and aim to solve everyday problems by merging the physical with the digital world. The technology is hiding behind the logo on the bag, which features an NFC chip that interacts with NFC-enabled smartphones.

When the consumer taps their NFC-enabled phone to the tag behind the QP logo, it will prompt their smartphone to complete a desired task: i.e. shortcuts to applications such as Facebook, Instagram, Google Maps and more.

Additional opportunities for the user including programming the bag to start a pre-set call, put the phone on silent mode, or listen to a voicemail. Business card details may also be stored on the NFC chip. To share the details, another user with an NFC-enabled smartphone would need to tap the user’s bag.

The Queen’s Protocol bag can also be used for access control: i.e. replacement of access cards for homes with smart locking capabilities.

Queen’s Protocol App is available on Google Play Store.

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