SIC4310-NFC Batteryless Toy

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SIC4310-NFC Batteryless Toy

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SIC4310-NFC Batteryless Toy,targets audiences who are developers, suppliers who work in smart toy and game or souvenir industries. Our customers are able to incorporate the NFC transponder IC to generate sounds and lights, and increase the interactive experience to the end users. Moreover, without batteries required, which is environmentally friendly and a cost effective solution to our customers.  

SIC4310-Toy is based on SIC4310 Transponder IC, which is an NFC tag type 2 IC with UART interface. It works in tag mode only but also be able to communicate information from any device connected to its UART to NFC phone. However, some of the reference designs based on the NFC Enabler, such as “LEDs control” and “Energy-Harvested Sound,” can be applied and incorporated into smart toys. The GPIOs of the SIC4310 are able to turn LEDs and other components on or off. Meanwhile, the UART interface can emulate different MIDI tones and directly drive a piezo speaker to play any melody, without any need for batteries or a dedicated microcontroller. Ultimately, the SIC4310 is a single-chip solution available that can offer the exclusive features, in turn allowing developers to effortlessly design and integrate it into their new products. SIC4310-Toy contains the following features: write/read through NFC smart phone or RFID reader; dual port 224-byte EEPROM can be accessed through either RFID or UART; direct Data transfer from RFID to UART or vice versa; up to 10 mA power sourcing capability to external circuit; programmable general purpose IOs.



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