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Tap For Info focuses on providing technology solutions that enable businesses to provide targeted content to their customers and improve their consumer experience. Tap For Info is the first and only company to introduce a retail product, which allows businesses to attach digital content to any item (merchandise, signage, displays, products) and manage it remotely.

Use Smart Info Sign and Tags to:

  • Generate more sales
  • Solicit Facebook Like
  • Generate Leads with Sign Up
  • Manage your promotions
  • Collect Surveys
  • Provide target content to your customers
  • Promote your brand and business

Features Summary

  • Helps improve customer experience, promote business/brand, and increase revenue
  • Create a dynamic app for your business in under 10 minutes
  • Name your own menu titles, point to your own targeted content and offer promotions along
  • App look and feel to organize the content, and ability to relay contact info and contact us forms
  • Durable and reusable tag
  • Attach to products, merchandise, displays, and signs (Can be placed on any surface)
  • Includes adhesive back corners, side holes for pinning or riveting, can apply glue dots to back surface, and comes with hang tie
  • Configure to become a mobile app + Manage promotions + Collect Contact Request + Sign Up Registrations + Facebook Likes
  • Create your own in store App, easy to configure a menu titles and even link external sites useful and consolidate targeted content to your customers
  • Customize your customer experience
  • Add Facebook like and sign up form with a simple click
  • Promotion capability allows to setup of own promo code/coupons, link to coupons, link to flyers.
  • Also has Fan Gate and Sign up Gate capability – Requiring your customer to like or sign up before viewing promotion
  • Display Contact Us form with Google Maps and collect customer request directly in your email
  • Consolidate content in Menu from different sources and sites
  • Custom Analytic and Reporting

Visit www.TapForInfo.com for more information


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