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SmartriX, an Internet of Packaging solution by IdeAtics

SmartriX securely connects consumers and brands by making parcels and products interactive with Near Field Communication (NFC). Smart packages have an identity, can speak for themselves and can connect with consumers like never before. These packages increase efficiency within the supply chain, offer a trusted way to authenticate products, and provide better consumer experiences at the point of sale and use. In fact, with smart RFID-NFC packaging, products can be followed through their full product life cycle – from source to sale and its life with the consumer.

Smart Labels have an NFC tag embedded. SmartriX connects these Smart Labels with orders that are placed online. By tapping the Smart Label upon receipt of the product the authenticated recipient receives additional order and product information and several functions like easy product return, merchant and product review, access to customer service and social media – all within the look and feel of the merchant. The application furthermore sends a truly authenticated proof of delivery. In addition many transport documents can be linked to the NFC tag and presented to the recipient or other stakeholders. The scan can also initiate transferring data from one system to another.

What SmartriX can do for you:

  • Digitally enhance the “unboxing experience’’ of receiving a parcel.
  • Easily activate and execute the return process.
  • No hassle of pre-install – no webapp needed.
  • Receive enhanced product information.
  • Access to live customer-service webchat.
  • Life T&T delivery information.
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