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Tagneat is an NFC solution that allows customers to easily and quickly display restaurant menus, order a meal, and pay – all from a smartphone. As a self-service ordering platform, Tagneat can reduce operating costs, ecological impact, and eliminate customer wait times.

Tagneat has many advantages for the customer and for the restaurant. With Tagneat, the customer does not need to wait for the restaurant menu but can order directly, saving time for both the diner and the server. In addition, the digital menu reduces paper handling and therefore the risk of transmission of viruses like COVID-19.

At the end of the meal, the customer can engage in contactless payment by paying the bill directly with their smartphone using Apple Pay, Google Pay, credit card, etc. The customer does not need to wait for the server to return nor is it necessary to queue at the counter.

Tagneat is more economical, more ecological, and more productive than self-service ordering kiosks or stations as it erases the possibility of a long queue. The customer taps the Tagneat Tag on the machine and moves away from the order station to finish the order on the smartphone.

Visit our official website https://www.tagneat.com to test our solution for free.

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