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Twinsprite Gaming Platform

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Twinsprite provides unique and digitally signed Twinsprite Codes stored within Smartrac NFC inlays to be included with every toy, as well as with related accessories. When a child scans the toy thanks to NFC’s seamless user experience, the device quickly retrieves the toy’s unique information from Twinsprite’s cloud, letting the child play with the toy’s “digital twin” with ease. Twinsprite’s cloud then, stores real-time attributes associated with the toy, capturing insights about game play and usage.

Twinsprite Codes

Twinsprite Codes are digitally signed IDs that can be adapted to an individual product and the specific manufacturing process.

Flexible Development Tools

Twinsprite’s flexible developers’ tools make it fast and easy to upgrade existing games’ content even after a toy ships, and work with consoles, mobile devices, and popular gaming engines.

Twinsprite also provides robust development and production environments.

Twinsprite’s cloud platform enables gaming developers to:

  • Define the model representing the toy’s data and modify it any time
  • Control devices and games where toys can be used
  • Allow others to use existing models in their games (e.g., multi-game character evolution).
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