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Designed for programmers familiar with app development but new to NFC coding, the uCreate SDK provides the source code supporting the first steps of NFC mobile app development.

The all-in-one uCreate NFC ecosystem provides engineers, product managers, and makers with the tools to learn, create, and test their own NFC experiences. The platform includes the SDK, a curated kit of NFC tags, mobile app, technical support, and documentation.

Identiv’s uCreate NFC Tag Kit

Includes a collection of tags with NFC Forum type 2, 4, and 5 integrated circuits (ICs) and are compatible with Android® and Apple® iOS devices. It enables a simple way to test new application ideas and ultimately scale solutions. Our high-performance tags are only limited by your imagination and can power countless use cases, including consumer electronics, smart home, transit, supply chain management, fashion, retail, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, gaming, and toys.

Identiv’s uCreate NFC SDK

Delivered with the kit, the intuitive uCreate NFC SDK provides the source code guiding developers step-by-step through integration of NFC technology and mobile apps. The uCreate NFC SDK supports NFC Forum tag types 2, 4, and 5. After reading and decoding the type of NFC tag in the radio frequency field, different tag and standard-specific commands are available.

Identiv’s uCreate NFC App 

The uCreate NFC App gives developers a comprehensive summary of all functions included in the SDK and what is possible with the source code. Our uCreate NFC App is essentially a summary of all functions included in the uCreate NFC SDK. It previews what is possible using the software development kit (SDK) source code. Use the app for basic NFC tag encoding, programming commands, and writing URLs.

The app is available today on Google Play and the App Store. The uCreate NFC Tag Kit is available for purchase at shop.identiv.com. For more information on Identiv’s complete RFID, NFC, and contactless portfolio, call +1 888.809.8880 or contact [email protected].

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