The updated version of the NFC Forum Connection Handover Technical Specification (CH 1.5) is the first NFC Forum specification to take advantage of TNEP. By defining the messaging structure for how negotiated handover operates with a reader/writer and an NFC tag device, CH 1.5 creates the possibility for the development of new solutions pairing NFC with Bluetooth or Wi-Fi when the data to be transferred is large or streamed for a long time. Examples include Bluetooth audio streaming or transfer of a photo between a digital camera or a smartphone over Wi-Fi. Previously, negotiated handover was limited to a P2P connection.  CH 1.5 can now use TNEP to allow an additional negotiated handover for a connection between a reader/writer and NFC tag device providing users more control over how they gather and share their information between devices, thereby increasing the security of paired connections. Negotiated Handover using the Reader/Writer mode will be for example used by the new ISO/IEC 18013-5 standard defining the sharing mechanism for mobile driving licensees.