Do I need to include the “TM” with the N-Mark on my product?

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Staff January 20, 2015

The N-Mark symbol is a trademark, and in general should appear with the “TM”. However, there are instances when the “TM” can be omitted. As explained on page 11 of the N-Mark Brand Guide:

“In jurisdictions where the N-Mark is registered, the N-Mark must always be accompanied by the registered trademark ® symbol. Elsewhere, it must appear with the trademark ™ symbol. If you employ the N-Mark in both registered and unregistered jurisdictions, use of the ™ symbol is permitted, unless otherwise advised by the NFC Forum.

When the N-Mark is displayed on a product or the packaging or label of a product, position the ® or ™ symbol to the upper right of the N-Mark in a size visible to the naked eye. If the N-Mark is smaller than 5mm in height, or if the means of display makes it unfeasible to render the ™ or ® symbol legibly, the ™ or ® symbol may be omitted.”

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