Thinfilm CEO Shares Thoughts on Technology, Trends, Platinum Sponsorship of NFC Innovation Awards

Special Guest Blog By: Davor Sutjia, CEO, Thinfilm

In 2018, the NFC industry is in a remarkable state of acceleration, powered by changes in consumer behavior and exciting new use cases developed by dedicated NFC implementers who harness the technology’s fundamental simplicity and convenience. With a heightened focus on user experience (UX), NFC makes life meaningfully faster and easier.

At Thinfilm, where we engage primarily with brands, retailers, and digital agencies, I see – on a daily basis – how NFC technology improves the fundamental relationship between brands and consumers. By building physical-digital bridges that enhance the relationship between individuals and the products and services they use, NFC can play a vital role in improving the mobile consumer experience in a wide range of markets and applications.

My colleagues and I regularly use NFC to simplify our lives – not because we’re industry insiders, but simply because it works well. Two years ago, it was possible to get through a day without tapping. Now, in cities around the world, usage data shows meaningful mobile payment adoption as NFC simultaneously accelerates in public transportation, video gaming, automotive, IoT, and retail & brand marketing.

Thinfilm is delighted to be the Platinum Sponsor of the 2018 NFC Innovation Awards. We look forward to a vibrant showcase of applications and results that demonstrate best-in-class UX and leverage NFC’s advantages over alternative approaches. All three categories are critical to the establishment of NFC as an indispensable part of the modern mobile user experience. “Best In-Market Implementation” entrants will impress the judges with execution and results, while “Best Emerging Concept” entrants will give us a peek into applications that will accelerate NFC growth through 2020. In addition, “NFC For Good” entrants will highlight NFC’s ability to make a positive impact – not necessarily measured by commercial metrics – in communities around the world.

I am impressed by NFC implementations that simplify life, from making it easier to access a shared vehicle to streamlining the reordering of a commonly used item. In the near future, expect the emergence of new applications that lend themselves to daily use, whether it involves transportation, healthcare, or on-demand engagement with a favorite product or service. Whenever mobile-centric simplicity and speed converge, expect to see NFC innovation.

We encourage NFC innovators around the world to submit their best work and look forward to joining you in June for the awards ceremony in London!