The NFC Forum’s Marketing Toolkit was created to make marketing NFC products and services easier for manufacturers and implementers when training employees and selling and communicating with customers about NFC technology. The toolkit is free, online and resources are downloadable.

“To encourage usage and awareness of the capabilities of Near Field Communication, standardization is vital and the N-Mark is the most recognizable symbol across all usage verticals.  Our hope is that all NFC products and solutions use the N-Mark in their projects to further awareness and overall growth of NFC usage,” said Nathan Neil, chief operating officer, Purple Deck Media.

Free toolkit to help with NFC promotion, packaging, training and more tools, templates and resources contained in the toolkit save manufacturers, retailers, agencies and marketers as well as developers and systems integrators time and design costs by providing useable, high-end marketing resource materials. It was designed to provide NFC content to support activities such as sales training, technical presentations, advertising, and more. In addition, the toolkit materials set clear, concise industry brand guidelines and support consistent messaging that leads to technology adoption.

No Need To Reinvent The Wheel: The Basics Answered

Instead of reinventing the wheel for a customer presentation or starting with a blank sheet of paper to create a marketing document, you can use the toolkit to source ideas and content.

Anyone can use the toolkit: professionals, the technical community, educators, media, analysts, show organizers, presenters and students. Its customer-friendly materials include:

  • Approved downloadable NFC graphics in various formats. The graphics are designed so companies can add their own logo, change the language and easily adjust the color template to reflect company branding. Source files are available so companies can select and take relevant sections of graphics to add to their presentations, blogs and graphics.
  • Answers to basic NFC FAQs and use case examples
  • NFC signage, educational graphics for use in blog posts, infographics and FAQs in various formats
  • Sample language explaining NFC and its benefits; approved copy for reuse
  • The official industry standard N-Mark assets in multiple formats and an overview of how to use the N-Mark.

Value of the N-Mark

The N-Mark is the most visible and identifiable symbol of NFC technology. In a crowded marketplace, a strong brand identity will set your NFC technology and services apart. The N-Mark will distinguish this proven platform – and your product — and earn the trust and confidence of manufacturers, retailers, members, and consumers alike.


For guidance on how to use the N-Mark, please consult the N-Mark Usage Guidelines. The N-Mark brand logo and supporting assets files are available for download upon signing the N-Mark Trademark License Agreement. You do not need to be an NFC Forum member to use the N-Mark, and it may be used regardless of certification.

If you have any questions about how to use the marketing toolkit or suggestions of tools you’d like to add, please email: [email protected].