The whitepaper “NFC Forum – ISO/IEC 14443 Analog Parameter Comparison and Alignment” documents the methodology, procedures and results that have been developed to ensure that NFC Forum-conformant mobile devices will be interoperable with ISO/IEC14443- and ISO/IEC18092-conformant public transport readers and objects.

In order to address the needs of the public transport market, NFC Forum’s Transport Special Interest Group (SIG), in collaboration with GSMA, East Japan Railways, CEN TC278 WG3 and the Smart Ticketing Alliance have identified high-level requirements that would need to be fulfilled in order to achieve interoperability between NFC mobile devices and public transport fare management infrastructures on a wider scale.

The technical solution addressing these requirements, the “concept for interoperability”, subsequently has been aligned through a formal liaison between the NFC Forum and CEN TC278 WG3 for ISO/IEC 14443-conformant public transport infrastructures and with East Japan Railways for ISO/IEC 18092-conformant public transport infrastructures.

As basis for the specification work, the NFC Forum’s Technical Committee then developed themethodology and procedures for the analog comparison of NFC Forum  and ISO/IEC 14443 specifications and discussed the results with CEN TC278 WG3, GSMA, East Japan Railways and Smart Ticketing Alliance’s experts at the Joint Public Transport Workshops. The result is documented in the white paper “NFC Forum – ISO/IEC 14443 Analog Parameter Comparison and Alignment”.

Based on these agreed methods and procedures, the NFC Forum developed version 2.0 of the Analog Specification which shall be applied to NFC mobile devices which are used for public transport services. CEN TC278 WG3 generated the 2nd edition of CEN/TS 16794 for public transport contactless readers and objects. This 2nd edition was enhanced to support interoperability with NFC mobile devices. Both specifications are synchronized and hence enable contactless interoperability between NFC mobile devices conformant to NFC Forum’s new Analog 2.0 (or later) specification and existing Activity and Digital specifications, and public transport readers and objects conformant to the 2nd edition of CEN/TS 16794.

The concept for interoperability and its technical foundation which is documented in the white paper “NFC Forum – ISO/IEC 14443 Analog Parameter Comparison and Alignment” are formally endorsed by CEN TC278 WG3.The NFC Forum, ISO/IEC JTC1/SC17/WG8 and CEN TC278 WG3 intend to continue their technical cooperation in order to provide synchronized updates of their
specifications as required.

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