ST Microelectronics (ST) is one of the largest semiconductor companies in the world. ST is renowned for its products and solutions that connect users and businesses to the world around them, making life and work easier and more enjoyable. They have a particular focus in the areas of Smart Driving and the Internet of Things (IoT). So, it is no surprise that ST’s newest innovative product delivers on the convenience and efficiency promises of NFC-enabled IoT devices. Called the ST25DV-PWM IC, it is a dynamic NFC Tag IC that enables digital control of electronic applications and other IoT devices. Lights, thermostats, fans – almost any small motor – can simply and cost-effectively be managed by an NFC-enabled smartphone or other device using the ST25DV-PWM. The ST25DV-PWM IC turns a smartphone into a control panel for a wide, almost limitless range of applications.

Figure 1: STMicroelectronics ST25DV-PWM IC was named a finalist in the NFC Innovation Program category “Best In-Market Implementation”.

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“NFC technology is a fantastic choice for this solution because it provides the perfect match for enabling access to the user interface. Reliability and speed of an NFC connection together with the technology’s cost effectiveness are desirable for cost sensitive and high-volume applications. These were important considerations for us when we were developing the ST25DV-PWM IC,” said Giuliana Curro, Marketing and Business Developer for ST Microelectronics.