The Haarnio Oy ApartmentTag gives users the ability to access information about their apartment building immediately, making it easier for users to call for maintenance, find a service provider’s phone number or check the status on a service, among other things. NFC tags are displayed in various locations in a building and their information is accessed using an NFC-enabled smartphone.

Figure 1: Haarnio’s The ApartmentTag was recognized as an NFC Innovation Award Program finalist in the “Best Emerging Concept” category. The ApartmentTag utilizes NFC technology to allow users to simply tap and have access to information about their apartment building and services. (Image courtesy: Haarnio Oy)

Haarnio’s product is divided into four parts – a printed sign, a DesignTag®, Service Software and a Digital Signage Monitor. The DesignTag®, enabled with NFC technology, lets users tap their smartphones to a sign with an NFC tag and explore information about their apartment building. Haarnio designed the ApartmentTag for a seamless, intuitive experience for the tenant as well as the owner of the building.

Learn about the ApartmentTag here.

Using Haarnio, building owners can easily update services and other information on the Service Software in order to provide the most up-to-date information to their tenants. By incorporating NFC technology into their products, Haarnio uses an inexpensive, secure way to overcome the inconvenience of QR codes. NFC is able to be used internationally without adjustments, since it is accessed universally via smartphone, which makes production and usage much a more streamlined experience.

“By using NFC technology in our products, we have been able to overcome several issues that we discovered by using alternative technologies. NFC was especially important to us in developing the ApartmentTag because of its flexibility and general acceptance. With just a tap of the user’s smartphone, tenants and visitors of apartment buildings can discover all different kinds of information in the form of textual descriptions, images and videos,” said Jari Haarnio, Managing Director for Haarnio Oy.