As the fundamental nature of retail is changing, NFC technology is enabling retail and payment innovation that creates valuable opportunities for stakeholders across the industry. Throughout the consumer journey, NFC technology enhances brand discovery, accelerates secured payments, and creates ongoing opportunities to enable brand engagement and streamlined commerce. The combination of commonly available NFC-enabled smartphones (more than 1 billion in use worldwide!) and versatile, easy-to-use NFC tags gives retail stakeholders a powerful tool to engage consumers with brands and increase conversions.

NFC can help retailers and brands boost revenues and loyalty while streamlining the payments process and facilitating omnichannel commerce. The technology also holds significant potential for stakeholders as diverse as mobile network operators and handset providers, data analytics and retail software providers, and marketing and advertising agencies.

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Improving the Customer Experience in Retail - infographic

Why NFC for the Retail & Payment Industry

  • Leverage widely available, easy-to-use technology that speeds payments, increases consumer engagement, and builds brand loyalty both inside and outside traditional retail environments, from brick and mortar stores to pop-up retail and omnichannel online-offline delivery methods
  • Engage in-store shoppers to increase consumer-product interactions, provide useful in-the-moment product information and comparisons, and promote impulse purchases
  • Personalize consumers’ experience at every stage of the purchasing process, from pre-sale to in-store to post-purchase communication, loyalty programs, and even e-commerce reordering
  • Easily integrate NFC tags into a wide range of media (smart posters, out-of-home displays, direct mail, shelf labels, product packaging and point-of-purchase displays)

Why NFC for Consumers

  • Instant, easy access to product details at point of sale and point of use
  • Simple, intuitive, secure, loyalty-integrated payments with the simple touch of a smartphone
  • Engaging omnichannel / e-commerce deliveries that bring a personalized digital experience to home deliveries
  • Integrated personalized offers and loyalty program rewards
  • Ability to reach customers at the moment of highest purchase intent – when they are ready to make a selection and buy
  • Offers and discounts available without downloading store-specific apps

Get Involved

The NFC Forum Retail & Payment SIG works with stakeholders in retail and payment stakeholders and technology providers across the industry, enabling a seamless integration of NFC by providing all players with the information and tools they need to succeed.

Through the Retail & Payment SIG, NFC technology providers understand market requirements and opportunities for future development. Companies dedicated to improving the customer experience in retail and payment technology can learn about and contribute to industry roadmaps, relevant standards, and technology messaging.

We work alongside stakeholders and liaison partners like the Active and Intelligent Packaging Industry Association (AIPIA) to determine the most pressing needs and most promising directions across the sector. Together, we ensure that new retail solutions built around NFC are future-safe and that investments are protected.

NFC Forum members are invited to join the Retail & Payment SIG at any time. Not a member of the Forum? Contact [email protected] for more information and ways to partner.