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For release: 13 Dec 2011


Breakthrough software platform resolves incumbent technology and business barriers

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. – December 13, 2011 – Sequent Software, a leading provider of near field communication (NFC) software and services, has launched an NFC services platform that lets any mobile operator, card issuer, or application developer deliver a rich mobile payment consumer experience. The platform accelerates NFC commercialization that seamlessly integrates consumer transactional capabilities, such as payments, with mobile devices.

“Today, we’re launching a solution that unlocks the potential of NFC,” said Drew Weinstein, Sequent’s Chief Executive Officer. “Our platform was built from the ground up to capitalize on the evolution of the physical world to the mobile world. We don’t have to play by the same rules as the legacy providers and our technical innovation and business model reflect this.”

The center of the platform is Sequent’s Secure Element Management platform that allows secure element owners, often mobile operators, the ability to onboard and manage a consumer’s accounts into a mobile device. Unlike other providers, Sequent focuses on the management of those accounts, not the issuance of the account level data. Sequent makes NFC more valuable to mobile operators by supporting any secure element form factor, and flexibility by supporting all issuer types; payment, transit, loyalty, and more.

Sequent’s Issuer Plug-in works in tandem with the platform to expedite a card issuer’s ability to use NFC. The Plug-in is standards-based, giving issuers the ability to maintain their existing issuing systems, while provisioning account data over the air to mobile devices. The combination of the Secure Element Management platform and the Issuer Plug-in allows Sequent to offer a truly neutral solution to the market – allowing mobile and issuing parties to focus on their core businesses.

The Sequent platform is enhanced with a mobile wallet, understanding that both mobile operators and issuers are equally concerned with a positive consumer experience. The Sequent Wallet provides a discrete branding environment for issuers and mobile operators, as well as integrated application functionality so the consumer enjoys a richer experience than their physical wallet.

About Sequent
Sequent provides a neutral platform that unlocks the potential of NFC for consumers and the mobile and issuing industries. Sequent’s solution consists of on-device middleware and services allowing participants to focus on their core business while providing value-added, mobile-centric capabilities that result in rich consumer experiences. The company has one of the highest concentrations of mobile and payment experts within a single firm dedicated to enabling NFC services. Sequent executives have led the deployment of many of the world’s most significant NFC trials, and have worked on mobile and payment strategy for brands like AT&T, VISA, and ViVOTech. Sequent’s investors include Opus Capital and SK Telecom Ventures. For more information, please visit

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