Amsterdam (The Netherlands), 22 April 2015 – RFID technology leader SMARTRAC has announced a new version of its popular NFC BullsEye tag featuring Sony’s FeliCa Lite-S chip. This Sony-based SMARTRAC BullsEye tag provides 224 bytes of user memory, and an enhanced security feature that enables mutual authentication by message authentication code (MAC), making it ideally suited for all typical non-payment NFC applications.

The BullsEye NFC tag with Sony FeliCa Lite-S chip enables a high-performance and cost-effective solution for many application areas such as electronic pairing, gaming, smart posters, loyalty and product authentication. The tag complies with NFC Forum Type 3 Tag and ISO/IEC18092 standards, and is a halogen-free product. It is also compatible with the existing Sony FeliCa Lite-S infrastructure, delivers high-speed data rates of up to 212kbps/424kbps (Auto Switching Supported), and is NDEF pre-formatted.

Like all BullsEye NFC tags from SMARTRAC, the new Sony FeliCa Lite-S-based tag has a die-cut size (diameter) of 38 mm/1.50″ and an antenna size (diameter) of 35 mm/1.38″, providing the ideal performance ratio for NFC mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. First announced in late 2011, Sony’s FeliCa Lite-S chip is a smaller, faster and more secure update to the low cost FeliCa Lite chip for NFC tags and stickers. In addition to its enhanced security features, the chip also offers an “anti-broken transaction function” that detects data errors and prevents incomplete or damaged information from being used.

“We are very content to expand our portfolio with BullsEye NFC Tag featuring the Sony FeliCa Lite-S Chip. It’s a perfect match of proven technologies and best-in-class quality. The product offers a smart and robust RFID solution for many applications and is commercially now available also in large quantities,” said Peter Walendy, Senior Vice President and Head of Segment Industry, SMARTRAC TECHNOLOGY GROUP.

Customers can explore this new tag and many more innovative RFID products at the Cards & Payments Asia tradeshow, booth D07, Suntec International Convention and Exhibition Center in Singapore, from 22-23 April 2015.

FeliCa is a trademark of Sony Corporation.

FeliCa is a contactless IC card technology developed by Sony.

See link to BullsEye NFC with Sony FeliCa Lite-S Chip datasheet:


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