Whether It’s Developing Requirement Documents, Chairing Tasks Forces, Hiking Or Driving His Rally Car, Orsatti Keeps Things Moving

Many of us know ST’s Daniel Orsatti as Director of Standardization for the Microcontroller and Digital Group. We also know him for his work and contributions to the NFC Forum from leading the development of new Marketing Requirements Documents for the NFC UX, to helping develop the Money Transfer Specification or chairing the Reference Applications Framework Working Group, to name a few areas of his involvement.

We thought it would be interesting to find out what else Orsatti is involved with outside of work and which of the many NFC Forum projects he has worked on is he most proud of. Here’s what he had to say.

Daniel Orsatti

Q. You have been actively involved with the NFC Forum for a long time. What is one NFC Forum work output, specification, or project you worked on that you are especially proud of and why?

I joined the as chair of the “15693 VCD Mode TF” in charge of adding the NFC V Technology and the Type 5 Tag to augment the NFC Forum offering and its ability to address various types of applications. Driving the “15693 VCD Mode TF” to success made me proud. The team active on this topic was small, efficient, highly dedicated and it was a real pleasure to chair this group that met almost monthly face-to-face. The achievement of the task force really needs to be assigned to all its participants.

Looking forward, I am very excited to work on the project to enhance the NFC UX. This is extremely critical for the Forum and will be instrumental in accelerating the adoption of the technology in the market.

Q. In your opinion, why is membership of the NFC Forum valuable to companies?

As for any standardization organization, the NFC Forum is THE place where the ecosystem is shaping up. All stakeholders are present, from silicon vendors to OEMs to application developers, implementers. Networking and meetings allow participants to address market requirements, use cases, and technology. Being a member allows companies to raise their voice and play their part in setting up this global ecosystem.