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NFC Versatility, Functionality and Practicality Showcased at Bluetooth World 2018 and MARTECH

Spanning multiple audiences and themes, NFC technology continues to shine through as one of the most versatile and practical technologies on the planet. Okay, maybe I’m biased but over the next three weeks, the NFC Forum and its members willRead more »

Futbol, Football or Soccer? Three Ways NFC Technology Is Transforming Sports

We’re all familiar with NFC-enabled fitness watches. We can use them to track our heart rate, find out how many steps we took and how many hours we slept, connect to our workout machines for a more precise workout andRead more »

New Book Shows How to Activate The Real World With NFC Mobile Marketing

Is Near Field Communication (NFC) technology the key to enabling omnichannel marketing? The recently published “NFC Mobile Marketing For Dummies” says yes. The author, Matt Bright, NFC Forum’s Retail & Payment Special Interest Group (SIG) Chair and Senior Director, Product and Technical Marketing at Thinfilm,Read more »

EvenTri – Event Management and Time Attendance 3 methods NFC/QR CODE/BEACON


Smart NFC Pro

“Smart NFC Pro” unique NFC based one tap video and audio conferencing app https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.tantranshanfc_pro.mainpart


NFCLeads, is a platform that help exhibitors to generate new contacts, and send commercial or corporate documents directly to their email, with a single gesture, and instantly by using NFC technology.

In addition, NFCLeads provide an access control system to Event organizer, by using the NFC technology on their devices.

The Meaning Behind Our New Mission Statement

The NFC Forum has unveiled a new mission statement that reflects the evolving focus of our work as the market for NFC grows and matures: The NFC Forum brings the convenience of NFC technology to life. We empower organizations toRead more »

Turning the EMV Liability Shift into an Advantage for Retailers

It’s been several weeks since the EMV liability shift went into effect, leaving those retailers without EMV-compliant point-of-sale systems potentially liable for fraudulent purchases made with cloned magnetic stripe cards. But despite this strong incentive to upgrade, a survey byRead more »

Five Reasons Why NFC is an Essential Technology for Marketing

From Big Data analytics to social marketing solutions, the arsenal of technology tools available to marketers is multiplying daily. As channels proliferate, challenging the impact of traditional tools such as conventional advertising and direct mail, you need to find waysRead more »

NFC Coolpop T-shirt and Cap

Our NFC coolpop  T-SHIRT and CAP embedded Ntag213 chips  , which NFC function enable to shortcut for chekc mail , calling , open the broswer by NFC phone   .