NFC-V Just Got Better – Here’s How

The NFC Forum recently released a set of new technical specifications for the next generation of NFC devices. It consist of the new Type 5 Tag Operation Specification and four updated technical specifications: Analog 2.0, Digital 2.0, Activity 2.0, and NCI 2.0.Read more »

Inside NCI 2.0 and What It Means for the New Generation of NFC Devices, Part 1

Several weeks ago, the NFC Forum released a new NFC Controller Interface (NCI) 2.0 candidate specification. Because NCI describes an internal interface between an NFC Controller and the main processor of an NFC-enabled device, it is not something most usersRead more »

The Practical Uses of the NFC Signature RTD 2.0 Specification

Imagine walking into your favorite coffee shop and, while you wait in line, you tap an NFC smart poster with your smartphone. It connects you to free Wi-Fi, offers you the promotion of the day, and allows you to placeRead more »

What is the Purpose of NFC NDEF Signature Records?

This question was posted a few years ago by  Eric  Vétillard  in this  blog post . The NFC Forum  Signature RTD  1.0 specification was first released as a  specification  in 2010.   Michael Roland  later identified ways to improve the specification and assisted the NFC Forum in updating it.  Now a candidate specification, the final NFC ForumRead more »

RF430CL330H  / Dynamic T4BT Platform

The Texas Instruments Dynamic NFC Interface Transponder RF430CL330H is an NFC Type 4B Tag Platform that combines a wireless NFC interface and a wired SPI or I2C interface to connect the device to a host. The NDEF message in theRead more »