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NFC Versatility, Functionality and Practicality Showcased at Bluetooth World 2018 and MARTECH

Spanning multiple audiences and themes, NFC technology continues to shine through as one of the most versatile and practical technologies on the planet. Okay, maybe I’m biased but over the next three weeks, the NFC Forum and its members willRead more »

One Day – Two Events – Great Success: NFC Innovation Day

Eight industry leaders presented on the latest developments in the NFC technology world; four NFC experts enlightened audiences about how NFC technology simplifies lives and three NFC innovators were honored with NFC Innovation Awards – we did this all inRead more »

Nine Finalists From Around the World Vie for NFC Innovation Awards

From Over 60 Submissions: Three NFC Innovation Award Winners to be Unveiled in London June 26 at the Barbican Centre in London from 18:30 – 20:30 is the day, time and site for the 2018 NFC Innovation Award Celebration when we will recognize this year’sRead more »

NFC Innovation Awards Highlight How NFC Transforms and Improves Our Everyday Lives

The 2018 NFC Innovation Awards underscore the positive impact that NFC innovation is having on society. With NFC, users can connect, commission and control almost anything around them and as NFC technology continues to advance, NFC-enabled products will continually improve everyday lives. We haveRead more »

JITI Public Transportation Seminar 2018 Explores Public Transportation in a Cashless Society

Recently, I accepted an invitation to present a keynote speech at the respected Japan International Transportation Institute’s ( JITI ) Improving the Convenience of Public Transportation in a Cashless Society Seminar in my role as Co-Chairman of the NFC Forum .  The seminar is scheduled for May 24th from 2 pm – 5 pmRead more »

NFC  …. The Bridge to IoT and the Consumer

Near field communication (NFC) as the bridge to the Internet of Things (IoT) and the consumer was the message I delivered to a large crowd of radio frequency identification (RFID) professionals recently at RFID Journal Live! in Orlando, Fla. RFID Journal LIVE! is theRead more »

The NFC Innovation Awards Flip the Script –  What NFC Innovations Would Our Judges Like to See?

The 2018 NFC Innovation Awards are all about discovering new ways that NFC technology can be implemented to improve business strategies, introduce new inventions, and deliver a social impact for people in need. This year the NFC Forum is honoredRead more »

Recognizing Innovation in NFC

Thinfilm CEO Shares Thoughts on Technology, Trends, Platinum Sponsorship of NFC Innovation Awards Special Guest Blog By: Davor Sutjia, CEO, Thinfilm In 2018, the NFC industry is in a remarkable state of acceleration, powered by changes in consumer behavior andRead more »

NFC Forum Innovation Award Judges Share Thoughts on Industry and Trends

The NFC Innovation Awards are back! This year, the NFC Forum ’s awards will be judged by a team of 15 NFC industry leaders, analysts, and technology experts from all over the world. Judges will be reviewing submissions from this year’s applicants and selecting winners inRead more »

NFC Forum Releases “Accelerating Smart Travel” Infographic

Shows Road to Transport Industry of the Future; Highlights Customer Benefits The NFC Forum recently unveiled an infographic – “ The Mobile Revolution Accelerating Smart Travel ” – that represents another step forward in the harmonization of technical specifications in public transportation.  It expresses the NFCRead more »