DIRX2 connects customers to brands through NFC tags, QR codes, RFID tags, bar codes and more.

Greenwood Village, CO. 3/3/2020 10:00 am MST – Tapwow announced today the general availability release of DIRX2, an exciting new open platform that connects brands to consumers through a variety of product activators providing engaging customer experiences and offering valuable information about the supply chain. In a mobile-first world, DIRX2 allows brands to “know their customer” by delivering compelling experiences without relying on mobile or internet search engines.

DIRX2 from Tapwow is a flexible solution that allows brands to use a variety of activators like NFC tags, QR codes, RFID tags, bar codes, image markers and more to connect consumers to variable content that can be driven by product, region, time of day, etc. Companies can create meaningful lots and batches with new markers or even load and redirect markers currently in use to give old campaigns new life.

It is an open platform that allows brands to choose technology providers, printers, creative partners, and hardware providers and connect them easily to create a powerful customer connection eco-system that maximizes each partner’s contribution. Tapwow can identify potential solution providers for a brand to create an end to end solution or they can work with their trusted vendors within the platform.

“DIRX2 is a unique product in smart packaging and IoT solutions,” offered Michael Sher, Tapwow CEO and former VP of Asia-Pacific for Thinfilm Electronics. “Many companies are looking at smart packaging featuring QR codes or exploring the opportunities with NFC tags and other technologies. In a single platform, DIRX2 connects markers to content from Tapwow or other partners allowing consumers to begin a smart packaging journey today while having the option to grow with other technologies in the future. It is really a future-proof way to begin to unlock the power of customer connection.”

Available in a SAAS model, DIRX2 can be hosted in the cloud or on premise if the customer prefers. The product is also offered as a white label solution allowing any partner in the customer value chain to offer smart packaging solutions to their customers under their own brand.

“Tapwow designed DIRX2 with the data in mind. The customer connection begins with unique content at the point of customer contact that can drive meaningful and personalized engagement. Additionally, DIRX2 will provide valuable supply chain interactions for track and trace, product diversion and anti-counterfeiting data via consumer interactions. All of this data is owned by the customer without having to pay third parties,” added Jeffrey McDowell, Tapwow President.

Ready to begin your customer connection journey? Customers can reach out to [email protected] and check out DIRX2 on the web at www.tapwow.net\dirx2. Use [email protected] to reach our partner manager.

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