“As NFC Forum board member, we are committed to enhancing our contribution to the NFC technology in the many applications leveraging Infineon’s contactless and security competence. We believe that NFC is among the top technologies which are required to securely connect the real world with the digital world. Our active participation in board discussions is of high value for us since it helps to influence the market adoption of NFC technology in a more comprehensive way, especially for those segments that are not yet fully covered such as identification, mobility and automotive applications. By being a part of this important standardization body, driving decisions, we ensure that future NFC requirements for mobiles, smart wearables and other connected devices will be recognized and managed in an orchestrated (or standardized) way. In our view NFC shall work hand in hand with other means of connectivity securing a more connected life!”

Scharfen Bjoern
Head of Payment & Wearables / Infineon

“NXP has participated in numerous Plugfests and has consistently concluded that it is time and money well spent to verify compliance of its products to the latest standards. NFC Forum Plugfests bring together an excellent mixture of well-known companies to start-ups who all learn a lot and benefit from both testing and idea exchanges. NXP encourages manufacturers and developers to take advantage of this opportunity by sending engineers to Plugfests to test and compare their products with others and do any necessary debugging and validation in an interactive debugging and testing setting.”

Henk Dannenberg
RFID Standards Architect / NXP Semiconductors

“Attending last year’s NFC Forum Plugfest was extremely beneficial to me as a test vendor. Not only did it provide me with an opportunity to test and debug Keysight’s latest pre-compliance analog test software on a variety of devices, but it also provided valuable test results on participates’ DUTs to help them fine-tune their designs before proceeding to certification. I will definitely participate again in the next Plugfest.”

Johnnie Hancock
Product Manager / Keysight Technologies

“During the Plugfest planned at Saarbrucken, KEOLABS had the opportunity to test several devices on the market based on the new CR11 Test Specification. These test sessions have been appreciated by the industrials to analyse the quality of their device and by KEOLABS in order to evaluate the capability of our solution. KEOLABS will participate, for sure, to the new Plugfests organized by the NFC Forum.”

Fabien Pollet
Account Manager Smartcard Solutions / KEOLABS

“It was a very special honor for CTC advanced to host and NFC Plugfest in 2017 on our premises. We really appreciated the presence of our guests and their interest and openness to the topics of the agenda and the fruitful cooperation. It made us particularly proud that we received so much positive feedback after the event.”

Jens Feldmann
Global Lab Coordinator / CTC advanced GmbH

“At Infineon we are convinced that based on NFC Forum’s standardization and certification efforts, we will see enhanced user experience in traditional contactless applications such as transport and payment. This will increase the number of contactless transactions using mobile phones, smart cards and smart wearables, as well as accelerate NFC adoption in emerging applications such as Automotive and Internet of Things. As the leading supplier of contactless payment, identification, and authentication solutions, Infineon is driving the adoption of NFC – by both standardizing the technology and developing its eco-system. Infineon’s SECORA Pay solution is today the only commercially available NFC Certified Type4B product that can be used for NFC Universal device and NFC Reader certifications by the NFC Forum and GSMA compliance programs. This helps the OEMs and the certification labs to ensure interoperability in present and future implementations. Furthermore, NFC forum’s certification program has enabled us to get approval on a whole set of Type 2, Type 4 and Type 5 tags in our my-d move, my-d vicinity and CIPURSE portfolios.”

Preeti Ohri Khemani, Infineon
Director System Engineering, Digital Security Solutions Division

“Everyone in the NFC ecosystem wants to deploy products that work correctly. If only one involved component or implementation is not working as it should, customer experience and acceptance will suffer. That’s why the NFC Forum Plugfest is so important. It offers all involved players the opportunity to bring together their tags, NFC readers, and devices prior to launch. These four days of intense testing sessions with our NFC Forum conformance test solution, plus the discussions afterward have unveiled the last hiccups which can now be resolved. Thus, participating in the NFC Forum Plugfest contributes immensely to global interoperability.”

Dr. Michael Jahnich
Director of Business Unit Contactless Test Solutions / COMPRION

“This comprehensive certification program is a key milestone to NFC technology adoption that brings big benefits to users, by ensuring a consistent user experience, and suppliers like ST, by enabling product differentiation, carefree product introduction in the NFC ecosystem, and interoperability. As a sponsor member of the NFC Forum and an early supporter of the certification program, ST has moved aggressively, with several ST25 products in the certification process in the test labs.”

Sylvain Fidelis
Technical Marketing Manager / STMicroelectronics

“NFC technology is a key element to embed intelligence into products and make them “IoT-Ready”.  Hence, SMARTRAC fully supports the NFC Forum Certification Program to foster NFC as a simple, reliable and user-friendly way for consumers and businesses to enable and enhance the Internet of Things.”

Karin Fabri
SVP Marketing & Communications / Smartrac

“As co-inventor of NFC technology and world leader in NFC reader ICs and tags, NXP Semiconductors has always been a solid contributor of NFC Forum certified universal devices, and more recently honored to be the first vendor receiving certification for its NFC tag ICs. Our broad portfolio of NFC products addresses every application in Mobile, Consumer, IoT, Infrastructure, and Automotive markets, reflecting our commitment to performance, power savings and security. In order to deliver a consistently positive user experience, it is essential that any NFC-enabled device can interact smoothly with another NFC device, and therefore NFC Forum’s comprehensive certification program is extremely important to ensure consistency and to set the foundation for true interoperability.”

Fabrice Punch
Marketing Director NFC Infrastructure / NXP Semiconductors and NFC Forum Vice Chairman

“FIME is a trusted implementation partner ensuring the compliance of mobile devices and chip-based applications to industry standards for manufacturers, banks and authorities across the financial services, telecom, transport and identity sectors.

NFC Forum’s Certification Program is one of our major services for devices manufacturers to achieve NFC compliance and ensure the user experience, and we look forward to having this standard widely implemented by our global clients.”

Stéphanie Pietri
Head of Marketing Communications / FIME

“AIPIA has been working to increase and accelerate the implementation of Active & Intelligent Packaging technologies for over 5 years. Great progress has been made, and one of the key drivers in this respect has been the rapid expansion of NFC tag capabilities, leading to more and more product applications and better consumer acceptance. The increasing number of smartphones in circulation, in addition to other NFC-enabled devices, can only mean this trend will continue. A tag certification program is a step in the right direction to bring more standardization to NFC tags and readers and will bring certainty and clarity for the stakeholders.”

Eef de Ferrante
Managing Director / Active & Intelligent Packaging Industry Association