The days of tenants frantically searching for the superintendent’s phone number are over.  With a simple tap of an NFC-enabled smartphone, the Haarnio Oy ApartmentTag allows tenants to gain immediate access to information about their apartment building or complex. This is another example of NFC technology and NFC tags solving a problem with an innovative solution.

If tenants are looking for a maintenance contact or a service provider’s number, or when they need to check the status of a service call, they can simply tap their NFC-enabled devices on any ApartmentTag.

A provider of building site safety and guidance solutions, Haarnio Oy is located in Finland and offers over 2600 products. Haarnio uses NFC technology to create products that offer its customers the ability to make easy adjustments and convenient updates by using NFC tags accessed by a smartphone or other NFC-enabled device.

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The ApartmentTag was recognized as an NFC Forum Innovation Award Program finalist in the “Best Emerging Concept” category. Haarnio designed the ApartmentTag for a seamless, intuitive experience for the tenant as well as the owner of the building.

At the NFC Forum, the Internet of Things (IoT) Special Interest Group (SIG) encourages a broad adoption of NFC technology by working with key players in the IoT industry like Haarnio Oy. The group understands the business and technical needs in IoT and develops programs to support the industry.

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