NFC Forum Member Spotlight

Blue Bite: Transforming The Brand/Consumer Relationship With NFC

For the last decade and a half, Blue Bite has helped transform the way we interact with the world by connecting people and information through physical things. Along the way it has also transformed itself from using Bluetooth and Wi-Fi in its solutions to using NFC technology.  Indeed, the name “Blue Bite” was derived from the company’s original solution which used Bluetooth technology.

Blue Bite was originally established to deliver content to people walking by outdoor media displays.  When NFC first appeared on a consumer mobile phone in 2011, Blue Bite jumped at the opportunity to replace Bluetooth and Wi-Fi devices in their solution with NFC.  This decision lowered cost and difficulty of deployment; created an easy interaction for consumers; and expanded the addressable market from large physical structures, to almost any physical product.

Blue Bite had found its market and was off-and-running.  And it hasn’t slowed down a bit since then.

Today, the technology company is well-known for its innovative solutions and works with companies like adidas and BVLGARI using NFC as a physical bridge or onramp between brands and consumers.  Its platform empowers creators to build dynamic, personalized digital experiences and connect them to physical products and packaging using NFC.

We interviewed Blue Bite CEO and Co-Founder Mikhail Damiani recently to find out more about Blue Bite, how they use NFC and the benefits they are getting from their NFC Forum membership.

How do your customers use NFC? 

Our customers, usually brands, embed NFC into products and packaging. Consumers tap with their phones to launch Blue Bite experiences that go far beyond static websites to provide contextual, personalized content based on where consumers are in the purchase journey, their physical location, the specific product they purchase, the lifecycle of the product and more. Brands receive previously unavailable insights on how, where and when products are used after purchase.

Blue Bite is known for using NFC in some really innovative and unique ways for its customers.  What’s the most innovative solution that you’ve developed for a customer?

Adidas recently introduced a brand new type of sneaker drop to launch their Rivalry Lo ‘The 5’. The brand recruited New York-based influencers for a friendly competition to see who could sell the most shoes face-to-face to sneakerheads in the city using Blue Bite technology. The catch – you can only buy the shoe by physically tapping the NFC tag embedded into influencers’ shoes.

Buyers scanned the NFC tag in the tongue of the shoe to launch a Blue Bite-powered experience that authenticated the shoe and offered a one-tap purchase option. When the influencers tapped their own shoes, the experience displayed a leaderboard of their competition, along with their current earnings and sales. This innovative way to sell products created a unique peer-to-peer sales channel combining technology and human interaction.

How does Blue Bite benefit from its NFC Forum membership?

Participating in the NFC Forum Marketing Roundtable, Retail & Payment and IoT Special Interest Groups have allowed Blue Bite to take an active part in shaping the future of NFC. The marketing opportunities offered to us by the NFC Forum, from attending relevant conferences to being part of important white papers and other marketing materials, have been another channel for us to get in front of potential clients and promote NFC on a broader scale.