Institute of Noise Control Engineering Shares Simple Ways to Improve Videoconferencing Acoustics For A Better, More Enjoyable Online Experience

The NFC Forum’s June 22-26 Member Meeting will be held online and accessible anywhere in the world.

This is because travel restrictions along with “shelter-in-place” and similar agency orders and employer recommendations due to the Pandemic have many of us working indoors from home.  This means we are relying on internet-based teleconferencing tools even more.  Using videoconferencing to collaborate is an important aspect of your participation in the NFC Forum Member Meeting in June.

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The need for good acoustical background conditions has become more important than ever  for clear and effective communications during NFC Forum online member meetings.  Not everyone can have a sound stage in their basement for perfect acoustics but there are some simple, low-cost things that can be done to lower the volume around the home and work area by controlling the noise.  Below are three tips from the Institute of Noise Control Engineering to help “lower the volume,” so you can more easily participate in the NFC Forum Member Meeting.

  1. Favor using a room with window drapes, a carpet or rug, and furniture. Porous fabrics have varying degrees of acoustical absorption, meaning they help diminish sound waves that would otherwise bounce around a “hard” room with smooth, reflective surfaces.  The more material, such as pleats of window drapes that provide lots of surface area, the more sound can be absorbed.
  2. Keep the pets and kids in other rooms, behind closed doors, if possible. This will help acoustically isolate your designated communication space, and thus lower its background noise level so that your voice, as well as what you hear through your technology’s speaker(s), will sound clearer and be more easily understood.  Understandably, not everyone has the space at home to create a separate home office space but the more separate the space is from the source of the noise, the better.
  3. Improve a room’s acoustical absorption. One way to dampen extraneous noise from impacting a videoconference is to hang a blanket or quilt behind you—not only will it provide some sound absorption, but it will also provide a background for the videoconference. It is an easy thing to do that will significantly improve the sound quality of your videoconference.

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You don’t need to turn your bedroom into an audio recording studio and quarantine your children and the dog.  These three tips are simple and affordable adjustments that will improve background acoustics and make it easier and more enjoyable for you to participate in the NFC Forum’s June Member Meeting.  For more information: