Mobile Credential Provides Contactless Solution For Social Distancing On Campus

Transact recently won the NFC Forum Innovation Award in the category of Best-in-Market NFC Implementation for their work with universities implementing the use of student IDs for a safe return to campus this fall. The NFC Innovation Award is given to a company who promotes the use of NFC through either new product development or implementation in an innovative way. Dan Gretz, senior director of business development at Transact answered a few questions about Transact and what this award means to the company.

Q: What is innovative about your product or solution?

Transact is the first and only campus credential provider to offer native NFC contactless mobile IDs in both Apple Wallet and Google Pay.

Students, staff, and faculty can get into buildings and authorized facilities, make purchases at the bookstore or retail outlets, get meals at on- and off-campus dining plan locations, pay for laundry or printing, and more – all with their campus IDs on their mobile phones.

Transact Mobile Credential helps schools minimize lines and crowds to adhere to social distancing requirements and gives students a contactless and convenient way to transact with their student IDs on their phones for retail, dining, laundry, vending, ticketing, and more, including contactless access control to residence halls and campus buildings.

Q: What does the NFC Forum Innovation Award mean to your organization?

We’ve been on a decade-long journey to evangelize the benefits of NFC and showcase its power. We started with NFC-enabled readers and contactless cards and now have come full circle with our first-of-its-kind Mobile Credential. This award obviously feels very rewarding and validating to our teams who continue our mission to empower our clients to transform the student experience, and our NFC-enabled mobile student ID has been a game changer for them.

Q: Where and how can someone get your product or solution?

Contact us at [email protected] or visit us at and one of our experts will get right back to you.

  1. What’s your organization’s most important goal and biggest challenge? 

Our mission is to empower our clients to transform the student experience, helping them to create lifelong engagement.

Our biggest challenge is helping our clients (higher education colleges & universities) return to campus safely and with the services they need to serve their students’ differently and adhere to contactless transaction, social distancing, and safety requirements.


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