NFC applications have the potential to revolutionize the way people travel the globe, by creating new ways of carrying out tasks, accessing information and interacting with people and organizations.

NFC technology has valuable applications across the entire spectrum of transport stakeholders, from the airline industry and public mass transit systems, to taxis and limousines. NFC offers new cost efficiencies for transport operators and service providers, as well as a streamlined experience for passengers—making travel more convenient at every step of the journey.

Mobility, Identity and Transport (MIT) Special Interest Group (SIG): Recent Developments and Key Progress

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NFC and Public Transport (PT)

Significant progress has been made towards the broad introduction of NFC-enabled PT services. For the latest update on Mobility, Identity and Transport (MIT) Special Interest Group (SIG) progress and to learn how to get ready for mobile PT services, download the How NFC Delivers RF Interoperability with PT Infrastructures flyer.

NFC and Air Travel

The NFC Forum and the International Air Transport Association (IATA), the trade association for the world’s airlines, teamed up to publish the “NFC Reference Guide for Air Travel,” a new, comprehensive reference guide to NFC and the air transport industry.

The guide seeks to help the global air travel industry better understand and evaluate the potential benefits and costs, use cases, and implementation options associated with adoption of NFC technology. IATA members contributed expertise about requirements for the technology’s use in various aspects of air transport, while NFC Forum members provided details about implementation options and practical information about existing applications.

Download the NFC Reference Guide for Air Travel

Why NFC for the Transit Industry

  • Increased customer satisfaction through ease of access and transactions
  • Improved throughput and boarding times, with real-time data on usage
  • Reduced operations/maintenance costs (physical tickets, ticket sellers, machines and collectors)
  • Natural extension of existing contactless card ticketing programs
  • Better customer engagement through tourist information, loyalty programs, direct marketing, etc.

Why NFC for Travelers

  • Easily purchase and download tickets and boarding passes to a user’s mobile device
  • Pay a fare and board with just a tap of the user’s mobile device
  • Streamlined access using a single device throughout the entire process—from baggage check, to security, to boarding
  • Check timetables, vehicle locations and live updates on arrival/departure times
  • Get discounts and offers from NFC-tagged smart posters

Get Involved

The NFC Forum Mobility, Identity and Transport (MIT) Special Interest Group (SIG) acts as a bridge between all transport industry stakeholders, enabling a seamless integration of NFC by providing all players with the information and tools they need to succeed.

We work alongside stakeholders to determine the most pressing needs and promising directions across the sector. Together, we ensure that new transport solutions built around NFC are future-safe and that investments are protected.

NFC Forum members are invited to join the Mobility, Identity and Transport (MIT) Special Interest Group (SIG) at any time. Not a member of the Forum? Contact [email protected] for more information and ways to partner.