45% of consumers in nine countries use contactless payment with more than two-thirds having two or more cards stored in their digital wallet.

That’s according to an ABI Research survey of 2,000 people in the US, China, Japan, South Korea, UK, Spain, France, Germany and Italy, carried out at the onset of the coronavirus pandemic on behalf of the NFC Forum.

The UK led the way with 20% of respondents reporting they use the technology daily. Across all aforementioned countries, 88% of respondents reported a consistently positive user experience with NFC contactless technologies and 70% were confident with the security contactless cards/mobile wallets provide.

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“Adoption of contactless technology is surging as consumers look for convenient, secure, and safer ways to pay, unlock, and connect with the world around them” says Mike McCamon Executive Director, NFC Forum..

“Our members and supporters are making a ‘contactless lifestyle’ a reality for more and more consumers every day.”

“The UK reported the highest NFC contactless usage even beyond payment,” says Andrew Zignani, Principal Analyst, ABI Research. “China had one of the highest penetration rates of contactless cards but, along with Germany, the lowest usage.The United States has lagged behind in most areas but is now catching up rapidly.”

He adds: “For mobile wallets, Apple and Google Pay remain the most popular mobile payment platforms, although there are regional variations, such as extremely strong adoption of Samsung Pay in its home country of South Korea, Huawei Pay in China, and correspondingly low Google Pay usage in China.”