NFC Connection Handover to Bluetooth Featured at UnPlugFest 55 in Barcelona

By Henk Dannenberg, Compliance Committee Chair, NFC Forum

Near Field Communication (NFC) technology combined with the benefits of Bluetooth technology is opening up a number of new application opportunities for designers, engineers, manufacturers and others. I’ve seen a growing number of emerging use cases implementing NFC Connection Handover or the pairing of NFC technology with Bluetooth (BT), such as in the Internet-of-Things market and other areas. The result is a ground swell of new product opportunities.

In short, I fully expect NFC and Bluetooth, working together, will change the way consumers interact and transact in retail locations, in their cars and homes. Simply “tapping” an NFC-enabled device on to the NFC Forum’s N-Mark can connect a smartphone with a car infotainment system or, working together, NFC and Bluetooth can supply value-added services like offers and discounts to a consumer’s NFC-enabled phone, and then the consumer can use NFC to redeem that offer via a contactless point-of-sale system. This is why I’m looking forward to the upcoming BT UnPlugFest (UPF) featuring NFC Connection Handover testing.

Bluetooth? NFC? RFID? What’s the difference between these technologies? Download the infographic to find out.


UnPlugFest 55 in Barcelona, Spain from October 10-13, 2016
The industry gets a chance to test and verify its NFC Connection Handover implementations at the upcoming Bluetooth UnPlugFest (UPF) 55 in Barcelona, Spain from October 10-13, 2016. Sponsored by the Bluetooth SIG, Bluetooth UPF 55 will provide the environment for engineers to test implementations of NFC Connection Handover to Bluetooth for devices and accessories using Bluetooth and Bluetooth with low energy functionality including Bluetooth Secure Simple Pairing with NFC.

UnPlugFests are non-profit interoperability testing events run by the Bluetooth SIG for its members. The objective of the UPF is to improve the interoperability of all Bluetooth devices being developed and released into the market by allowing teams of engineers working on the development of Bluetooth products to verify the interoperability of their devices with engineers and products from different companies.

Explore NFC in automobiles and the customer experience at special NFC Forum workshop. Learn More: VISIONFC Automotive Summit in Vienna, October 18, 2016.

UnPlugFest 55 will include a number of NFC Connection Handover test cases providing companies the opportunity to verify their implementations. Verifying implementations is a critical step to bringing new products and solutions to market faster and more efficiently.

The UPF 55 test cases are divided into four groups with two Connection Handover testing types scheduled. Connection Handover testing types include Connection Handovers between smartphones with headsets, car infotainment systems, etc., and Connection Handovers between NFC tags and various devices.

I’m delighted that three NFC Forum requirements and specifications will be used at UPF 55. It is truly a testament to the technical work and expertise of our members that this NFC Forum technical content will be used for some of the testing at UPF 55:

  • NFC Forum Connection Handover User Experience Recommendations, September 2014
  • NFC Forum Bluetooth/Bluetooth SIG Applications Document “Bluetooth Secure Simple Pairing Using NFC,” draft version 1.2
  • NFC Forum Connection Handover, Version 1.4

UnPlugFest 55 is a Bluetooth SIG event and open to Bluetooth SIG members. For more information or to register please visit: