The NFC Forum has developed a new global identifier to increase interoperability and improve the user experience of NFC connected applications and use cases. The Wayfinding Mark System will provide designers and product manufacturers flexibility while enhancing those brands that integrate contactless connections in their consumer journey.

Why Wayfinding?

Because NFC is different. Other wireless technologies indiscriminately broadcast their presence to the world around them – only NFC is centered on user intent. The use cases for NFC technology presume and require user control and likewise every new use case that needs user control will require NFC.

Marks that simply indicate the existence of a technology, are not sufficient for NFC. To be successful we must guide users to a tapping location.

In order to fulfill the NFC promise in the world, we must orient users to the proper tap location of our technology. The foundational NFC wayfinding mark, also known as the “Directional variation,” guides users to the precise location of the NFC antenna, ensuring an optimal connectivity experience.

Evocative of the original N-Mark, radio technologies in general, and common near field antenna designs, this fresh new mark overtly invites users to tap and unlock the full potential of connectivity.

Wayfinding Mark Guidelines

These guidelines provide instructions on how to use the NFC system of wayfinding marks to ensure optimal user experiences wherever and whenever people encounter NFC interactions in the world.

Wayfinding Trademark License Agreement

All uses of the NFC Wayfinding System requires the execution of the NFC Forum Wayfinding Trademark License Agreement.

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How to Use the Wayfinding Mark

The NFC Wayfinding System is designed to adapt for the diverse uses and consumer awareness of the technology while leveraging the continuity of learned behaviors. While the Directional variation gives the most explicit tap location guidance, certain use cases may merit the use of a variation or a complementary mark.


The Directional variation is most helpful for tags and on occasionally used devices to overtly guide the user to the precise location of the NFC antenna for an optimal connectivity experience.


The Simplified variation can be used in everyday use cases where users have a high degree of familiarity. Adopters should be careful in their choice of this variation because it provides significantly less wayfinding guidance which may be an issue for the less familiar user.


The Charging variation provides users with confirmation of NFC charging functionality and the location of the antenna. It is reserved for this use case only.


The Instructional variations are complementary marks that can be used in cases where user awareness and knowledge of NFC technology are presumed to be low. It provides the most literal guidance of tapping from a mobile device to establish a connection.

Wayfinding Registered Jurisdictions

The license agreement for the NFC Forum Wayfinding Mark provides limited indemnification for licensed users of the NFC Forum Wayfinding Mark in those jurisdictions where the Wayfinding Mark is registered. Licensed Wayfinding Mark users are not shielded from liability in jurisdictions where the Wayfinding Mark is not registered or in connection with products or services not specified in the registration of that jurisdiction.

A list of the jurisdictions where the Wayfinding Mark is registered can be made available upon request.

NOTE: Use of the NFC Forum Wayfinding Mark shall be in compliance with the NFC Forum Brand Guidelines.