How high can NFC go?

Pretty high if one of the award-winning NFC-enabled products at CES gets popular with consumers.  Called Pax Era Pro Vaporizer, it can monitor and measure the quality of marijuana.

Other NFC-enabled products spied on the CES show floor this year include wearables, electric bikes and door locks.  All featured NFC and all were hot products at CES 2020.  In fact, NFC is one of the show’s most popular technologies on display and in use by attendees.  Many of the NFC-enabled products on display can be instantly accessed by a show attendee with a smartphone as NFC is a standard feature in the approximately three billion smartphones in use on the planet.

CES is where business gets done and is the most high-profile showcase of the world’s most significant consumer technologies.  We searched the show hunting up the most innovative uses of NFC in new products.  Here’s a roundup of the NFC-related stories that came out of CES 2020.

CES 2020: Products Using NFC

  • NFC Manages Marijuana
  • NFC/Bluetooth Pairing
    • HomeKit-Compatible NFC Smart Door Lock and Keys
    • Netatmo, a French accessory maker, announced an Apple HomeKit-Compatible NFC Smart Door Lock that uses physical NFC Smart Keys. The NFC Smart Door Lock works via Bluetooth and uses NFC to interact with the Smart Keys, which are tamper-proof and impossible to duplicate.
  • NFC Wearables Are In Demand
    • Skagen Falster 3
    • The Skagen Falster 3 includes the new Snapdragon Wear 3100 processor, a built-in speaker, smart battery modes and increased capacity. There is also NFC for payments on-the-go, built-in GPS, a microphone and fitness sensors.

Near Field Communication is hotter than ever with consumers due, in part, to the great user experience it provides.  It is used by billions of people every day around the world.  Did we miss any NFC-enabled product from CES?  Let us know!  [email protected].   We’d love to hear from you.