NFC has its distinct values where mobility and connectivity meet. Today many car models use NFC for fast and intuitive Bluetooth/WiFi pairing, enabling handsfree telephony making a drive not only more convenient but also safer.

Beyond connectivity NFC plays an essential role in innovative car access systems enabling smartphone centric solutions and new business models for rental, sharing and fleet management. Digital key management systems reduce cost and complexity of physical key handling. A distinct sustainable value of NFC is the battery low mode, where a car can still be opened and started when the phone’s battery is drained. NFC allows for ad hoc sharing of private cars with family and friends or even car AirBnB solutions.

VISIONFC Automotive Summit – June 2019 in Stuttgart, Germany

VISIONFC Automotive Summit – October 2016 in Vienna, Austria

Current Car Models with NFC

Digital Protocol Specification

  • The car connectivity consortium (CCC) – a liaison partner of the NFC Forum – brings together leading phone and car OEMs as well as their technology partners. A global secure and interoperable standard, based on NFC has been defined.
  • NFC Forum Digital Protocol Technical Specification – defines how to use NFC, ISO/IEC – 14443 and JIS X6319-4 standards work together to ensure global interoperability between different NFC devices, and between NFC devices and existing contactless infrastructure.
  • Defines a common feature set that can be used consistently for major NFC applications.

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