As any Olympic track athlete will tell you, winning a successful 4×100 meter relay race is as much about the baton-passing as it is the speed of the runners. There are multiple passing techniques to choose from – from the “up-sweep” to the “down-sweep” to the “push pass” – and relay teams spend hours perfecting their choreography in the hopes of shaving precious fractions of a second from their elapsed times.

At the NFC Forum, we’re similarly obsessed with the passing of data communications from one wireless technology to another. NFC is being built into more and more consumer electronics devices as a way of simplifying wireless connectivity for Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. When, for example, consumers go to use their Bluetooth headphones to listen to music streaming from their audio systems, they expect the process of pairing those two devices to happen with a quick and simple tap of their NFC devices.

That’s why, especially as NFC plays a bigger role in enabling the Internet of Things, it’s essential to promote best practices that ensure a swift, positive, and seamless user experience.

One way we’re doing that is through our recently published white paper, Connection Handover User Experience Recommendations. Developed by our Consumer Electronics SIG, it’s an essential guide for any developer seeking to give consumers seamless access to Bluetooth and Wi-Fi services using NFC. Best of all, it’s free! Topics include:

  • How to configure audio and video streaming use cases
  • How to make Bluetooth connections more reliable
  • How to position and identify NFC touchpoints
  • How to enable networks
  • How to deliver feedback
  • How to handle successive device connections

… and more.

Connection Handover - recommendations by NFC Forum

Consumers want to do more with their smartphones – whether it’s instantly streaming a homemade video to their big-screen TV or transferring a photo from a phone to a desktop computer or printer via Wi-Fi. When it happens with a single touch, they like their electronic devices even more. If you’re a developer working on those kinds of use cases, this guide will help you avoid trial and error. Get Connection Handover User Experience Recommendations and you’ll make passing the baton smooth and swift, every time.