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Every day millions and millions of people use NFC technology to connect to things and the world around them. It’s the super-fast and secure way to pay for things, ride the train, unlock a door, start your car, and even connect to the brands we all love.


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The NFC Forum is a community-led organization of hundreds of organizations looking to reinvent how we connect. Global brands and startups work together to define our specifications and the future of NFC technology.

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Wireless charging makes everything in our lives more convenient. First announced in 2021, the new NFC Forum Wireless Charging Specification will unlock this potential in all of our mobile accessories.

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Safety, security, and convenience isn’t just important for how you pay for things. It’s also important for your home, your health, and even how you get around. Help users make an NFC connection with our brand and marks.

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Our Specifications form a technology standard that harmonizes and extends existing contactless standards. Available at no charge for most members, they are also available to non-members.

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A well established market of Test Labs using NFC Forum developed Test Cases and approved Tools ensure confidence and reliability for silicon, OEM and implementing organizations.

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NFC in the news

With hundreds of millions of NFC-enabled devices in the market today, NFC technology is one of the most versatile and secure technologies around. The NFC Forum and our members regularly make news with innovative products, new specifications, and life-enhancing case studies.

NFC Forum Unveils First NFC Wearable Device Class

Wakefield, MA September 1st, 2022—The NFC Forum unveiled today a new NFC Device Class which provides device manufacturers and OEMs a miniature, low-cost, sustainable solution for wireless wearable devices.

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NFC Forum Unveils Global Identifier as “Beyond Payments” Accelerates

The NFC Forum, the global standards body for Near Field Communication (NFC) technology, unveiled today the Wayfinding Mark, a new global identifier created to indicate a device or object is NFC-enabled.

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NFC Forum Wireless Charging Included In Active Stylus Specification

USI integrated NFC wireless charging into its active stylus specification (USI 2.0) giving USI-enabled active styluses the capability to be wirelessly charged with a compatible smartphone or other Near Field Communications (NFC) charging device at a power transfer rate of up to one watt.

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Our mission is to bring the convenience of NFC technology to life by empowering organizations to deliver secure, tap-based interactions with an intuitive, reliable experience to users around the globe.

Membership in the NFC Forum offers organizations the opportunity to shape the direction of our work, gain time-to-market advantage, while also making the business connections to ensure market success.

We offer limited-benefit Free Membership (Adopter Class) and higher level annual dues opportunities starting at $2,500 a year. Apply now.

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