Special Interest Groups

Define market requirements and advocate for NFC use cases across a variety of industries and product sectors. Efforts are open to all members.

The NFC Forum provides an ideal environment for organizations to collaborate on contactless solutions across industries. Ongoing proceedings of all the groups listed below can be found on our (Member Portal)

There are four formal ongoing tracks of work including:

  • Market Requirements
  • Technical
  • Compliance
  • Awareness & Education

Generally, our Special Interest Groups (SIGs) research, monitor, and define market requirements for NFC Forum activities. Use case ideation, proof of concepts, white papers, and other collateral are the primary outputs of these market-facing activities. Participation in Special Interest Groups is open to all members.


Activities focus on working with stakeholders across the automotive industry to encourage broad adoption of NFC technology.

Co-Chair: Dariusz Mastela, NXP Semiconductors

Co-Chair: Srinivas Piska, Infineon Technologies

Retail & Payment

Retail banking and finance, payments, point-of-sale technology, consumer goods packaging, distribution, merchant, and point-of-sale environments.

Group Chair: Wolfgang Meindl, Renesas Electronics

Vice Chair: Christophe Rabaud, Keolabs

Internet of Things (IoT)

Encouraging broad adoption of NFC technology in the IoT industry.

Group Chair: Zanghee Cho, NXP Semiconductors

Vice Chair: Mohammad Ahmed, Adjutant Solutions Group (ASG)

Mobility, Identity, and Transport (MIT)

Activities focus on working with stakeholders across the airline industry, mass transit systems (bus, train, and subway), and taxi and limousine sectors.

Group Chair: Vacant

Vice Chair: Hisayoshi Endo, Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd.

Japan Task Force

Working with stakeholders this regional market and overcome the challenges of migration from its legacy infrastructure.

Group Chair: Takahide Kadoyama, Fime

Healthcare Task Force

Due to of the large number of medical procedures, the necessity of critical care and the various healthcare processes handled in a hospital at any moment, the need for the convenience, security and automation offered by NFC are clear benefits NFC brings to the challenges of the healthcare system.

Group Chair: Stefan Genser, Identiv Inc. 

Vice Chair: Tamar Sapir, Synchronyx

Marketing Roundtable

While not technically a Special Interest Group, this team meets to discuss ways to build awareness and educate the market about NFC Technology and the Forum.

Shape the Future

One of the many ways people like you can shape the future is by joining a Special Interest Group or Task Force. These member-led groups regularly meet to discuss marketing opportunities and new use cases in various markets. Groups are closed to Members of the NFC Forum. Visit the Join page to learn more about membership and our no-cost options.

New groups and sub-groups are formed as needed. All members except Adopter Members receive notification of proposed new Working Groups and are invited to comment before they are formed. Committee and Working Group operations are governed by the Forum’s Rules of Procedure, which also detail the process for draft specifications and final specifications to be submitted for member comments and votes.

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