Sustainability and NFC Technologies 

Our contactless community has been at the forefront of delivering new and greener payment and access solutions, and this dedication underscores our belief that NFC, already in widespread use, can further serve as a catalyst for positive change and support the circular economy.

Across the technology ecosystem, industry is doing more to support sustainability; not just from an ethical standpoint but also to meet new and pending regional regulatory requirements. Under EU Eco-design for Sustainable Products Regulation (ESPR), the Digital Product Passport (DPP) initiative presents another strong use case for standards-based NFC technologies. 

By designing easy to use, power-efficient solutions that unlocking new markets, the NFC community is bringing sustainability front and center to its work, as well as ensuring sustainability is a key part of NFC Forum’s strategy.

  • Ruggedized Data Carrier (DPP)
  • Aesthetic Industrial Design
  • Powering IoT Devices
  • Charging without Cables
  • Easy-to-Use Universal Readers
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The NDPP Specification

In 2024, NFC Forum plans to launch its NFC Digital Product Passport (NDPP) Standard where chips NFC Digital Product Passport (NDPP) will be a standard where chips and tags can store a link to connect products to an online DPP accessed from a standard consumer mobile phone.

Expected functionality:

  • Readable by commercial-off-the-shelf smartphones.

  • Peacefully coexist with current NDEF features, mobile behaviors.

  • NDPP can be read without requiring power from the product.

  • Simple URL links to online/cloud DPP data.

  • Future-proof for evolving DPP Standard requirements.

The NDPP Standard also plans to allow some or all DPP data to be directly stored then embedded into products using the same chip or tag used for an online DPP connection. The planned functionality includes:

  • Full/partial/public DPP data embedded into the product.

  • Extended to include additional serialized data.

  • Ensures DPP data survives the full life and disposal of products.

  • Supplemental data to be written and retrieved.

  • Tap location for reading NDPP data to be easily identifiable on product.

  • Clear reference to ISO and CEN standards.

More Resources and Getting Involved

Building community and hosting meaningful conversations about the contactless lifestyle is one the key functions of the NFC Forum. Stay on the lookout for our NFC Forum VisioNFC Event for October 2024 in Nice focused on Sustainability.


Experts from leading companies and organizations will address the why the DPP matters, how they see future implementation, and how NFC can be used to amplify the DPP's reach, ensure data authenticity, and promote a truly global circular economy.

Circular Economy Webinar

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