Shape the Future

As a member-led organization, shaping the future of NFC technology and the contactless lifestyle starts right here. We encourage organizations to join the NFC Forum so that their staff can optimize their impact on our work.

Engage and Influence 

When it comes to the future you can either help define it, or wait for it to pass you by. By becoming a Member of the NFC Forum, you gain access to the relevant conversations that impact your business and product plans. Some of the most common benefits include:

  • Time to market advantage
  • Industry-leading expertise
  • Shape future technical work items
  • Networking
  • Business and Partnership connections
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Member Benefits

Members receive many benefits, and the Forum welcomes participation from all organizations; for-profit companies, non-profit organizations, and industry associations with compatible technical interests all which further the advancement and adoption of NFC technology. Review the Conditions and Legal Requirements. Below is a summary of each membership class and its primary benefits:

Adopter Membership

Our entry-level membership gives organizations access to networking and market requirements discussions. No Annual Dues.

Join Now

  • Participate as non-voting representative of Special Interest Groups
  • Access to the NFC Forum Members Community website
  • Attendance at Member Meeting Plenary and SIG Meetings
  • Business networking opportunities
  • Opportunities for peer-to-peer collaboration
  • Ability to participate in product interoperability testing/Plugfests
  • Ability to participate in the NFC Forum Certification Program
  • Ability to license the NFC N-Mark and Wayfinding Marks
  • Your company name displayed on the Forum website
  • Use of the NFC Forum logo on your website to indicate membership

Associate Membership

Monitor and influence key work items and specifications for the NFC marketplace. Annual Dues based on organizational annual revenue. Early-revenue organizations with less than $10M in revenue are $2,500. Growth organizations between $10M and $100M in revenue are $6,000. Strategic organizations with over $100M in revenue are $10,000.

Join Now

  • All benefits of Adopter Membership PLUS
  • Access to all published Forum specifications at no charge
  • Access to Forum research, technical information, and other resources
  • Participate as non-voting representatives in Working Groups
  • Designate individuals to run for leadership positions of Working Groups
  • Propose new work items in participating Working Groups
  • Your company name, logo, and press releases displayed on the Forum website
  • Attendance at Member Meetings
  • Two discounted tickets to face-to-face meetings

Principal Membership

Strategic level of leadership, participation and influence of NFC Forum deliverables. Annual dues are $25,000.

Join Now

  • All benefits of Associate and Adopter Membership PLUS
  • Voting representation on the Technical, Special Interest Group (SIG) and Compliance Committees
  • Voting representation on each Working Group
  • Designate individuals to run for leadership positions of Committees and Working Groups
  • Propose initiatives and contribute to the development of Forum deliverables
  • Discounted rates for an unlimited number of participants at face-to-face meetings
  • Participate in the NFC Forum testing and Certification Program via their own in-house test labs

Sponsor Membership

Shape the mission and direction of the organization at all levels and for every market. Annual dues are $60,000. Applications undergo review by the Board before acceptance.

Join Now

  • All benefits of all other Memberships listed above PLUS
  • A Board of Directors seat
  • Participate in strategic, operational, roadmap, budget, and executive leadership decisions of the NFC Forum
  • Designate candidates to run for an officer roles of the corporation

Non-Profit Membership

Non-profit Members (annual dues $1,500) receive the same benefits as Associate Members, except that they are entitled to only one participant at a discount rate at face-to-face meetings. To join the NFC Forum as a Non-Profit Member, an applicant must be organized as a not-for-profit legal entity pursuant to applicable law and must provide the NFC Forum with appropriate evidence of such legal status upon applying for membership.

Conditions & Legal Resources

Where applicable, membership privileges begin once payment is received. Non-profit membership applicants may need to submit evidence of non-profit status. Sponsor Member applications will be reviewed by the NFC Forum Board of Directors to ensure appropriate balance across regions and sectors and additional information may be requested.


Legal Resources

As a Voluntary Consensus Standards Body (VCSB) the NFC Forum also has Individual Participant options available. Please contact for more information. The NFC Forum is an independent legal entity, a 501(c)(6) tax-exempt organization incorporated in the state of Delaware in the United States.

Become a Member

Our mission is to bring the convenience of NFC technology to life by empowering organizations to deliver secure, tap-based interactions with an intuitive, reliable experience to users around the globe.

Membership in the NFC Forum offers organizations the opportunity to shape the direction of our work, gain time-to-market advantage, while also making the business connections to ensure market success. Annual dues start at $2,500 a year and we also offer a limited free membership as well. Apply now.

Membership Application & Agreement