Certification Resources

For those product developers who are seeking Compliance Certification with the NFC Forum, the following resources will help you prepare for testing. Comprised of a Certification Release (CR) of Test Cases with a companion Devices Requirements, developers along with their Test Lab partners can quickly navigate to market readiness.

As noted throughout this site, there are three paths for certification and you should clearly understand each prior to embarking on any one particular path.

Authorized Test Labs are experts at navigating the NFC Forum Certification Program. Please consult with an Authorized Test Lab or our Compliance Manager with questions about our processes.

These public-facing pages summarize the terms, conditions, and processes that are fully described in the NFC Forum Certification Policy which is updated from time to time by the Compliance Committee.

Glossaries or abbreviations used by the NFC Forum, can be reviewed in the Technical Committee Glossary or the Compliance Committee Glossary.

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Certification Releases | Devices RequirementsTest Case Category List | Problem Reporting

Devices Requirements

The NFC Forum Devices Requirements documents define the applicable versions of the Specifications which apply, and the detailed requirements that a conformant product must meet in order to be certified.

Pricing, TCCL and Problem Reporting

Obtaining a NFC Certified Certificate is very affordable and in many cases is available at no cost. The business model of the NFC Forum is to assess a nominal per-use Test Case License Fee on testing services provided by either internal or external testing services.

Full Certification

NFC Forum Certified Certificates are provided $FREE to products that include a signed Test Report from an  Authorized Test Lab


NFC Forum Certified Certificates are provided $FREE to products that include a signed Test Report from an  Authorized Test Lab focused on analog testing.


Already NFC Certified Compliant products or subsystems that are being renamed or rebranded are $250.

First Party Labs

Sponsor or Principal Members can apply to host a 1st Party Test Lab internally. NFC Certified Certificates for products certified at a 1st Party Test Lab are accessed as one time $2,500 fee per product.

The fees described above are net of applicable taxes and duties which, where appropriate, will be payable in addition by the Supplier to the NFC Forum (or to the relevant tax authorities as applicable).

Terms: Fees are payable in US dollars by credit card via the NFC Forum Certification Program web certification system. Other methods of payment are available upon request, though may delay certification as your registration, update, or other transaction cannot be processed until payment has been received. For further information please contact the NFC Forum Certification Administrator.

Test Case Category List

The Test Case Category List (TCCL) is a document that lists all the NFC Forum Test Cases applicable for certification and defines the group of test case that can be inherited.

Always ensure that the most recent version of the TCCL is used when submitting a product for NFC Forum certification. As of April 1, 2024, the Active Version is 4.05 available here.

Problem Reporting

Any applicant for certification may disagree with the reported result of a certification test, or an NFC Forum Test Laboratory may report an issue for clarification about the specifications, Devices Requirements, the Test Specifications, or the certification process and policy. In such case, a Problem Report is completed and submitted to the NFC Forum Certification Issue Resolution Panel (NCIRP), the body that is responsible for bringing the issue to resolution. As a result of its deliberations the NCIRP may issue an advisory.