Compliance Committee

Two Working Groups manage the framework and policies of the NFC Forum Certification Program and Plugfest Events. Activities are open to all members except Adopter Members, with voting rights for Sponsor and Principal Members.

The NFC Forum’s Compliance Committee has developed a Certification Program which ensures compliance and interoperability. Within its charter are these activities:

  • Establishing requirements for the certification program and understanding the implication of all NFC Forum requirements on the certification program
  • Defining the scope of the NFC Forum Certification Program
  • Defining the rules of practice and procedure (policy) of the NFC Forum Certification Program
  • Defining the process for the NFC Forum Certification Program

The Compliance Committee has two Working Groups. Compliance Committee Working Group participation is open to all NFC Forum members except Implementer members, with voting rights reserved for designated Sponsor and Principal member representatives, and non-voting status for Associate and Non-profit member representatives.

Compliance Committee Chair: Arnaud Schreiner, NXP Semiconductors
Committee Vice Chair: Jose Mangione, STMicroelectronics 

Requirements and Policy Working Group

The Working Group defines the features a device needs to gain the NFC Forum Certification Mark. It works with the Marketing Committee, Technical Committee, and other Working Groups of the Compliance Committee to define and manage the NFC Forum Certification Program. Activities include:

  • Providing input to the Certification Program on features required to maintain the brand promise of the NFC Forum
  • Working with the Marketing Committee to determine the brand promise that is being communicated from the NFC Forum
  • Working with the Technical Committee to determine how features being specified support the brand promise
  • Defining the rules of practice and procedure for the NFC Forum Certification Program
  • Collaborating with the Certification Authority and Certification Program Administrator to document the certification process

Working Group Chair: Marc Lajon, NXP Semiconductors

Group Vice Chair: Jose Mangione, STMicroelectronics

Testing Working Group

The Testing Working Group handles interoperability and compliance issues within the NFC Forum. The group’s responsibilities include:

  • Developing and maintaining the test methodology, concepts, and actual test specifications, as well as processes for compliance testing and approval
  • Providing guidance to the other technical working groups
  • Working with the Technical Committee and relevant technical working groups to resolve potential testing conflicts
  • Collaborating with test houses to ensure availability of test equipment

Working Group Co-Chair: Raúl Ramos Pérez, Dekra 

Working Group Co-Chair: Christian Roeck, Renesas Electronics