Mission & Goals

The NFC Forum aims to bring the convenience of near-field technology to life. We empower organizations to deliver secure, tap-based interactions with an intuitive, reliable experience to users around the globe. Our member-led activities include the development of specifications and test cases, a certification program, and special interest groups that identify and evangelize contactless technology in an ever growing number of industries.

To realize this mission, the goals of the NFC Forum are to:

Develop and publicly publish a rolling three-year use case, liaison, technical, and certification release roadmap.

Educate enterprises, service providers, and developers on how to deploy NFC technology to deliver impactful solutions and grow their businesses.

Emphasize the feature of “user intent” through programs, messaging, marketing, and the rollout of a visual identifier to inform users where to tap for action.

Enable NFC technology to deliver a consistently positive user experience in all NFC product form factors.

Continue to promote the compliance program, develop specifications, test mechanisms, and tools that ensure consistent, secure, and interoperable use cases worldwide.

Deliver increased member value for membership growth and revenue.


Officers and Committee Chairs

While the end work products of the NFC Forum come from a network of dedicated volunteers from our member community, the key leadership of the Forum comes from the Board of Directors along with the Chairs of the Technical and Compliance Committees.

Preeti Ohri Khemani

Infineon Technologies


Michael Stark, Ph.D.

NXP Semiconductors

Vice Chair

Frank Dawidowsky



Yo Tabayashi



Teuvo Järvelä

Huawei Technologies

Technical Committee Chair

Arnaud Schreiner

NXP Semiconductors

Compliance Committee Chair

Mike McCamon

NFC Forum

Executive Director

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Board of Directors

Alisher Alikhodjaev


Amir Khoshniyati


Andrew Davidson


Jean-Rémi Ruiz


Dawei Zhang

Apple Inc.

Michael Stark, Ph.D.

NXP Semiconductors

Maurizio Skerlj

Infineon Technologies

Yo Tabayashi


Xiaofeng Zhang

Huawei Technologies Co, Ltd.

Working Group, and Task Force Leadership

Andreas Woerle


Analog and Digital Working Group Co-Chair & TC EMVCo Alignment Task Force Chair

Arnaud Schreiner

NXP Semiconductors

Wireless Charging Testing Task Force Chair

Cristian Saracin

Continental Automotive GmbH

Automotive Working Group co-Chair

Dariusz Mastela

NXP Semiconductors

Automotive Working Group co-Chair

David Worthington


Mobility, Identity, & Transport Working Group Chair

Florian Nesshold

cilab GmbH

Wireless Charging Task Force

Jean-Rémi Ruiz


RF Testing Task Force Chair

Klaus Roehrle


Devices and Applications Working Group Chair

Marc Lajon

NXP Semiconductors

Requirements & Policy Working Group Chair

Mohammed Ratni


Analog and Digital Working Group Co-Chair

Stefan Genser

Identiv Inc. 

Healthcare Task Force Chair

Takahide Kadoyama


Japan Task Force Chair

Wolfgang Meindl

Renesas Electronics

Retail & Payment Working Group Chair

Zanghee Cho

NXP Semiconductors

Internet of Things Working Group Chair

Christian Roeck

Renesas Electronics

Testing Working Group Co-Chair

Raúl Ramos Pérez

Dekra Testing and Certification, S.A.U.

Testing Working Group Co-Chair


Elizabeth Day

Membership Coordinator


Helene Tum

Program Management and Liaisons


Sten Wendel

Certification Program and Plugfest Inquiries


Barb Soifer

Marketing Lead

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Sarah Jones

Public Relations

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About the NFC Forum

Since 2004 the NFC Forum has championed contactless technologies and solutions for a wide range of industries. As a member-led organization, the Forum’s mission is to advance the use of Near Field Communication technology by developing specifications, ensuring interoperability among devices and services, and educating the market about NFC technology.

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