Certification Release 13

Authorized for use in Certification: February 2022
Devices Requirements: Version 3.1

Devices Requirements v3.1 enlarges the NFC Forum certification scope by extending certification offering, introducing specific market ecosystem device classes. This addition enables NFC Forum to offer the NFC Interface certification tailored for the needs of its partners. In order to meet the latest developments in the market NFC Forum introduces the NFC Mobile Device and the option to certify a device operating in reduced power mode.

Technical Specifications

Available at/our-work/specifications-and-application-documents/

To ensure that you are working with the technical specifications and version of the specifications applicable to this release, please see the Devices Requirements document above.

Test Release 13.1 Forms

TPG tool: https://nfc-forum-itp.com/login (ICS, IXIT, ITP)