AIPIA Virtual Congress




Thu, Sep 10, 2020

We may not be able to bring you the Reality of a face to face Congress this year, but already the AIPIA Virtual Congress on 10th September 2020 is shaping up to be the best Smart Packaging encounter of the year! More than 30 speakers and 22 booth holders (already) in the presentation area means there is a real buzz of expectation.

As well as all the normal fun of an exciting program of speakers, including two major Brand Owner Challenges by Takeda and Kraft/Heinz, delegates will be treated to, and can participate in, Panel Q&As on some current ‘hot’ topics as well as Live Technology Streams and top-notch Keynotes.


Familiar names already lining up in the demonstration area include Aptar, AsahiKASEI, Digimarc, Kezzler, Systech, Toppan and Zappar. But they are also joined by several new faces such as Inspectron,  Jenton Dimaco, Sincpress and Syntegon (the new name for Robert Bosch Packaging


Both GS1, which is sponsoring the event, and NFC Forum will hold panel sessions about scalable implementation of Smart Packaging technologies. Several research organizations, such as Aarhus University (Extended User Interface with NFC) and MIT (Continuous Transformation) are slated to give Technology Stream broadcasts.


With delegate fees of just €295 to attend the ‘live’ event on 10th September with a special 10% discount for NFC Forum members and the opportunity to revisit the Congress over the following month as part of the package, we believe this is a great deal for everyone involved in moving the Smart Packaging sector forward.


NFC: The Waves Behind Smart Packaging

NFC technology has become one of the most prolific technologies on the planet with over 20% of the population having access to NFC. Its widescale adoption is fueled in part by its growing use in smart packaging being implemented by brands across the world.

Join members of the NFC Forum for a conversation on how NFC is used in smart packaging, the challenges that organizations face today, how to implement the technology, and where it’s headed in the future.

Senior representatives from PragmatIC, Smartrac and TapWow will share their thoughts, predictions and real-life examples.

Takeaways include:

  • Learn about the NFC Forum Story
  • Discover examples of NFC application in smart packaging
  • Hear from Smartrac about the process of embedding tags and what steps brands need to take
  • Find out where NFC is heading in the current climate and its challenges/opportunities

Q&A to follow.