Jul 24, 2022

2022 ABI Usage and Adoption Study

An ABI Research study sponsored by the NFC Forum revealed that standards-based near field communications use among consumers in nine countries surged  30%, with 85% of respondents reporting daily use of the contactless technology.

This increase was fueled by NFC’s contactless capability and concerns around the COVID-19 pandemic, along with the continued growth in wearables, smartwatch, and mobile phone users. In addition, the data uncovered a trend, with 95% of respondents having used NFC contactless technology to pay for a product in the last year. This includes data showing nearly half of consumers having used NFC to pay for public transport and over a third have used NFC for consumer product interaction on products such as clothing, alcohol or luxury items. One of many interesting regional differences was that virtually every South Korean surveyed used NFC technology every day.

Download the executive summary below.