NFC for Access Control

Unlock or lock any door in your life without having to carry your keys or a card.

Feel comfortable and secure knowing that you will be able to access your home, car, or any other secure doorway with simply a tap from your phone or wearable device. NFC also eliminates the need for multiple sets of keys while juggling a handful of items at the same time. Access to the most important things of your life is now more secure than ever with NFC.

  • Tap your phone or smart watch to unlock doors

  • Integration with Digital Wallets make for better user experience

  • No need to install custom applications on your mobile

  • Door can still be unlocked when your phone is in power reserve mode

  • Share your keys with others.

NFC is also a great solution for hotels and other lodging accommodations by allowing for the transmission of room keys directly to a guest’s phone saving time and waste from plastic cards, while making for a more seamless guest experience.

More and more providers are adding the convenience of tap-based access using NFC technology. Along with the rapid adoption of Digital Wallets for seamless integration, consumers can expect to tap-for-entry at a door quite soon.

Digital Key in action at Hyatt Long Beach