NFC in Automobiles

Unlock, start, and manage the vehicles we use to transport our lives.

Enabling Access & Start

NFC plays an essential role for car access and start systems by enabling smartphone-centric solutions along with enabling new business models for rental companies, car sharing, and fleet management. Digital key management systems reduce cost and complexity of physical key handling. Industry analysts forecast that the automotive digital key market will grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 10.53% between 2019-2023 worldwide.

  • Door handles with NFC to allow owners and renters to conveniently unlock and start a car with a phone or smart watch.

  • Interoperable smart key solutions enable car sharing, rentals, and fleets.

  • Even in power-reserve mode, mobile phones with NFC can still be used for access and start.

  • Simplify the pairing process of connecting phones to cars.

Uniquely NFC

Power Reserve (Low) battery mode adds unique value for NFC as a key management system because even when a phone’s battery is drained, the car can still be opened and started. No other wireless technology can operate without power the way NFC can.

Many car models also use NFC for fast and intuitive pairing between phones and entertainment systems. This simplifies the “handsfree” driving experience allowing for smartphone use for phone calls, music, to personalize cabin comfort features, and more, making a drive not only more convenient, but safer.