Customer Engagement with NFC

Design and deliver a rich consumer journey from pre-purchase through end-of-life.

NFC helps consumers by connecting them to helpful information when and where it’s needed, offering a channel to interact with brands, delivering offers and rewards, providing the simplicity of one-tap payment, and more. For retailers and brands, NFC can lead to revenue growth, better customer experiences, new insights via customer analytics, and deeper, long-lasting relationships with the people who buy and use their products most.

  • Engage customers with a direct connection back to a unique product

  • Enhance supply chain management

  • Design single-tap applications for engagement, reordering, and product information.

  • Provide on-product information about proper disposal and recycling.

Self-stable tags – which do not require a battery - can be activated by consumers with a tap for product information, rewards, and to verify authenticity. Customer experiences can be extended to new levels by embedding tags into products for ongoing engagements.