NFC in Healthcare

Safely care for yourself and family with confidence and connectivity.

NFC technology in healthcare gives providers, caregivers, suppliers, and patients more information for better and safer care. Starting with affordable tags, providers and suppliers can closely monitor supplies, medications, and consumables. Tags on blockchains can verify authenticity while others paired with sensors can alert caregivers of expired or unsafe environmental. More and more retail pharmacies are implementing tags on medications for the visually impaired.

  • Patients get better and safer care

  • Caregivers can verify authenticity of medication and consumables

  • Affordable tags can be attached to blockchains for closer inventory management

  • Paired with sensors, NFC improves supply chain safety

Self-stable tags – which do not require a battery - can be activated by consumers with a tap for product information and resources. Within the home, NFC technology can help caregivers and caretakers connect using wireless data-tracking bands that monitor the patient’s vitals and sends all the relevant data to the physician.

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