NFC for Identity

Securely store your private information so it can be easily shown to others.

COVID vaccine passports, mobile driver’s license, digital currency, government IDs, medical records – anywhere identity and authorization is required, NFC has a role to play.  It is one of the most secure identification technologies as physical proximity of a smartphone or other NFC-enabled device is need to initiate  an action. NFC combined with any other security applications -- like two factor authentication -- strengthen security solution. 

  • Affordable NFC tags can store information on drivers' licenses and passports

  • More and more Digital Wallets support storage of digital driver's licenses

  • Name badges can digitally store encrypted data

  • Systems can be deployed to use  digital keys stored  phones or wearables instead of physically keys.

No other technology provides for user intent using a “tap and go” method to initiate an action.  This meets legal requirements for identity sharing and makes the identity process easy and intuitive. There’s no lengthy handshaking or data entry requirements, simply tap and go.