NFC in Mobility as a Service (MaaS)

Navigate a variety of public and private transportation services every day.

By 2030, the world is projected to have 43 megacities, each with 10+ million inhabitants. This increasingly dense concentration of populations poses challenges for urban mobility. Our traffic systems cannot scale with our existing models.More affordable, efficient public transport operation.

Whether you are taking an Uber, or bus, using your phone or wearable to a scooter or flight, digital ticketing makes the process much easier. With NFC, a tap is all you need to start your journey anywhere.

NFC technology has seamlessly improved MaaS (mobility as a service) and is transforming how you travel. 

  • Easier and faster transport access

  • More affordable, efficient public transport operation

  • Broader transport interoperability

  • Better, more up-to-the-minute commuter information

  • Support for visitors and tourists

Ending the dependence on refillable cards or cash, reduces operating costs and increases profits. NFC is one of the few technologies that can provide both forward and backward compatibility with existing card-based solutions.

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